Yarrow Nelson, Ph.D.                   


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Phone: (805) 756-1347

Fax: (805) 756-6330

Email: ynelson@calpoly.edu






      Ph.D.   Environmental Engineering, Cornell University

      M.S.    Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Cornell University

      B.S.     Chemical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

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Member of the Cal Poly Environmental Biotechnology Institute  


Research Interests: 

 1. Bioremediation of groundwater contaminants , including polyaromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides and nitrate.

2. Biological interactions affecting trace metal transport in aquatic environments, and biogeochemistry.

3. Phytostimulation of bacterial hydrocarbon degradation.

4. Biodiesel production from algae in conjunction with agricultural wastewater treatment.

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